Saturday, December 19, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Ronni posing for the camera. Isn't she beautiful?

Collin is such a ham! He wouldn't smile for the camera when it was just him. Either that or he was making a face or his eyes were closed. This one I had to crop out of a pic w/ both of them only Ronni was making a goofy face in this one. haha! No cooperation, I tell ya!

Goofy kiddos!

This one was funny b/c Collin was hugging his sis but Ronni doesn't look too happy about it... maybe lack of oxygen is doing that to her. haha!

Wow... how did I get so behind with this? I remember when I used to blog every couple of days and no it's every couple of months. I am so sorry! I probably have no more followers. haha! I will try very hard to be better. ;)
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