Saturday, December 26, 2009

Gingerbread House...

The Sunbeam class at church all met w/ their teacher one Saturday to decorate gingerbread houses. Unfortunately, Collin and I were both sick that day -- I mean, puking sick -- not fun. Anyways, his teacher saved the gingerbread house she had put together for Collin, along with a bunch of candy and the directions to make the glue, I mean icing, to decorate and hold all the candy on. Collin and I brought it home and I let him go crazy with it. haha! I tried to make a little path in the front yard. It's made of jellybeans and lined with gumdrops but Collin put so many decorations in the yard you can't find the path. LOL! He had tons of fun and the whole family has enjoyed munching on it throughout the Christmas season.
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