Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas morning....

Here's the kids booty... haha! They have been thoroughly spoiled. =o)
Santa gave them the Elefun game, socks, two small toys, an orange, and 3 peppermint sticks
Paul and I gave them each their three gifts for the wise men. Precious gifts - a board book about adoption (R) and a music box (C); Fun gifts - Handy Manny's Motorcycle (C) and babydoll accessories (swing, stroller, high chair, changing pad, potty, baby monitors...etc) (R) ; Practical gifts - church shoes (R) and jeans (C). Everything else came from extended family and friends.

Here is Ronni eating her breakfast while wearing her tutu and headband... which she is wearing again today.

Collin loved his music box. He just laid there on the floor listening to it for a while. Let me give you background on the music box though. Collin used to dream all the time that he had a music box... the kind that you open the lid and it plays music. Then he would wish on a star most nights for a music box, the kid even prayed for a music box. haha! Now he has one!
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