Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Day in My Life. :)

I don't know if you all remember the post about the dentist receptionist who said, "just stay home" to me on the phone implying that I just sit around my house... if you don't then check it out here. For some reason, after this experience, I felt it necessary to post a day in my life. It's pointless posting it here b/c most of my readers are moms anyways. I think it will still make me feel better. ;) This was the other day and there were no errands or appointments or anything... yay! 

My day started at 6am when my husband woke me up, as he does ever morning for prayer, as he left for work. That's when I get up for some "me" time. I read my scriptures and say my prayers and then read on my Nook (or check my websites if that's what I feel doing).

7am - Ronni came into my bedroom with a defeated look on her face. "Mommy, I peed and now my underwear and bed are wet." She looked so pitiful. I can't even remember the last time she had an accident but she did last night. I got up and she changed her clothes while I stripped the sheets from her bed. Then, I saw Collin's bed and figured, 'might as well.' So, I stripped his bed as well and threw it all in the laundry. Then I fed the animals - Baker, Miss Callie, Arwen, and Sushi (yes, Sushi is our fish). Then, Ronni and I headed outside to take the plastic bottles to the recycling bin.

7:30am - Phonics lesson with Ronni.  We use the letter magnets and sing "Old McDonald Had A Farm" but instead of having animals, Old McDonald has letters and then they say their sounds. So, an example... she is holding A in this picture and singing A so I'll use that. "Old McDonald had a farm E I E I O. And on this farm he had an A, E I E I O. With an ah, ah here and an ah, ah there, here an ah, there an ah, everywhere an ah ah. Old McDonald had a farm. E I E I O." hehe! Okay, a little cheesy but it's fun for her. =o)

Collin woke up around 8am so then it was time for me to get their breakfast while they took showers and got dressed. Here was breakfast.... super simple but they take quick showers so not a lot of time.
Then it was my turn for a shower and for all of us to do our morning chores. After the chores we needed to start school. I have a list of all the subjects we need to do each day and I let Collin choose from those subjects. Of course, he chose art first.
The kids learned about portraits and self-portraits. We looked at some famous paintings and then I let them go to work painting their own portraits. They ended up quite... um... interesting.

That took so long that by the time we finished it was already 10am -- snack time!
I don't like to waste food so they had their leftover fruit from breakfast for a snack. ;) hehe! Yeah, I'm one of those evil moms. Collin was frowning b/c there was a soft spot on his plum. He ended up eating it anyways.
Then it was time for Social Studies. The kids learned how to respect the flag and what the Pledge of Allegiance means. Now we start each day with the Pledge of Allegiance. It's pretty cool.
History! I love history. Right now they are learning geography.
They were coloring a coloring sheet of different places around the world -- like the great wall of China and the Amazon, the Sahara desert... things like that. We also sang a fun song to help us remember the names of each continent. :)
Langage Arts is one of my absolute favorites!! We had been learning about the classic story of Cinderella. This day we were acting out one of the scenes... the scene where the courier was trying the slipper on the mean stepsisters to the end. I was the stepsister, Ronni was Cinderella, and Collin was the courier. Since the mean stepsisters' feet were bigger than the slipper in the story, we used Ronni's shoe. Trust me, Collin didn't get it on me!! haha! Here he is putting it on Ronni and if you notice the other one is poking out of her pocket -- she was ready to give it to him when the other fit.

It's already lunch time!!
I forgot to get a picture of the kids' food before I gave it to them so you just got a shot of mine but they had the same thing... :)
After lunch they both take a little rest and watch ONE TV show that they both have to agree on. Collin also had a fever this day so he wasn't feeling well anyways. This is my opportunity to get a few more chores done (like rotating those sheets of Ronni's into the dryer so they would be ready for bedtime). Then, after the show it's time for Ronni to go down for a nap (some days it's quiet time... as long as she is calm) so Collin and I can get some work done that is hard with her running around.

Nose back to the grindstone... time for some phonics, handwriting and math.

I didn't get a picture of him doing math but... really... it was just a bunch of 2-D shapes spread out all over the table and us making a bunch of patterns. :)
By the time math was over Ronnie's nap was over too. *sigh* It went by so fast. Time to play a game and the game of the day was .... Elefun!
Then time for some laundry folding and putting away dishes... what? Dinner time already! *sigh*
Hamburger Helper and green beans okay? Yeah, I was a slacker that day.

Then some family time with the hubby!! :) We love singing with the uke in our home!! :) So fun! =o) Then, it was time for me to go to a writing group meeting that night.
Nook, notebook and bearclaw... really, what more does a girl need? Drats!! I realized I forgot to put the sheets back on Ronni's bed. Oh well, Paul would figure something out. (He just used the blankets I did at nap time.. whatever... it worked!)
10pm... home! Oh!! I forgot to make Paul's lunch.
All I needed then was the bed and my Nook and I was a happy mommy. So, yeah, I stay around the house all day but I am constantly doing something. I love it! So, here was an average day in the life of me -- except for the TaeKwonDo, gym, dentist appointments, playgroups, meetings...etc and other things that often take up my day too. Since Collin had a fever, we went no where. It was nice!

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