Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flat Travelers in WY w/ Nana & Papa

These flat travelers wen to WY to the kids' g-parents who are serving a mission in WY as pioneers with handcarts. Fun, right? =o)

"Hey, we made it safe and sound to Nana and Papa's. This
is one nice place to be and we are going to have fun exploring. 
Nana didn't give us much time to rest from our long trip from 
South Carolina to here.We had to go straight to work."
"We helped with the flags to park handcarts. Collin got a little lazy and wanted to lay down but he soon found out I needed his help holding the flag up. Then we played hide and seek with Nana."
"Do you see us?  We thought we hid real well in the flags but Nana
 found us right away.  So we went outside
and hid in the sagebrush."
  "Do you see us? We did better this time. In fact, we had to yell 
real loud so she would remember to take us
home after working." 
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