Friday, August 26, 2011

Parties, food, Mi-Mi, and BELTS!! :)

Today was an exciting day. First, we had to get school done. We didn't quite finish it all before 11 but we got all but two classes (don't worry, we finished them later). From 11am-2pm was Collin's Back2School party!! Yay!! All the kids in the virtual school in our county (98 of them) met up at the local putt-putt place. I was able to take Ronni too. The three of us played putt putt and ate (hotdogs, chips and drinks) for free. The kids also got a handful of tokens for the arcade games and a token to the batting cages. Awesome! Ronni had never been to play putt putt and neither of them had never been in the batting cages before. Unfortunately, I completely forgot my camera for this event... blast! So, I have no pics to show. I did learn that Ronni may be pretty good on a softball team. Collin, not so much. ;) He put forth good effort though... he'll probably just stick with TaeKwonDo (which I'll mention here in a minute).

Then, my mom came!! YAY!! She lives on the coast and with the approach of Hurricane Irene we thought it would be better if she hung out with us tonight. So, my mom (Mi-Mi) came to our house tonight. Yay! That isn't the only reason she came. She also came to watch.....
Yeap! I have a first level yellow belt!! YAY!!! He was tested today!! Isn't he a cute little yellow belt! I think he's pretty awesome!
Then, Paul cooked dinner! OH yeah! I have an awesome hubby too. :) He made homemade lasagna, tomato salad with homemade croutons, bacon and cheese jalapeno rellenos, and cheese cake for dessert. Isn't he just awesome? It was wonderful too. Actually, I think I'm going to go and get me a slice of cheese cake right now. =o)

I'll post the video of his testing later. :)

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