Friday, August 5, 2011

Courageous Collin

I will tell you about a courageous Collin moment. :) I was so proud of him. We were at the park a few days ago and there were a lot of kids there. School isn't back in yet here so, while Collin wasn't the youngest at the park he was certainly not the oldest either. There were actually quite a few big kids (probably tweens/pre-teens... whatever they're called now). Some of these big kids were picking on a little girl who was about Collin's age. He stepped up in front of them and told them that they needed to be nice. Collin only came up to their chests and there were three of them. They didn't like this little kid telling them to be nice so they pinched his arm. Immediately, Collin ran up to me and, instead of telling me about the kids pinching his arm, he told me there were some kids picking on a little girl and I needed to help her. So, I followed him. Apparently the kids saw that he came to me and ran up to me and said, "If he's telling you that we pinched him... well, we did but it was because we thought we were grabbing that little girl's arm." 

I froze, "You pinched his arm?"

Then, it was their turn to freeze. Their faces looked completely confused so I replied, "He said some big kids were picking on a little girl." They were totally shocked by this and by then their camp leader was walking over so I let her handle it. I pulled Collin to the side and saw there were big red marks on his upper arm and I couldn't even be angry. I was a little frustrated those kids behaved that way but I was so proud of my son for being courageous and standing up to the bigger kids and not fighting them when they pinched him. He knows how to fight but he chose not to and he did what he was supposed to and went to an adult. He stood up against kids who were much bigger than him and outnumbered him. 

In today's world it is so important for kids to know how to be courageous, even when their peers are telling them to do otherwise. I am glad that I have done something right in Collin's life for him to have courage.

*To update you on the park situation: the little girl who was getting picked on played the rest of the time with Collin and Ronni and she was absolutely adorable!!
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