Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mom Qualifications

I read an article called Getting Beyond Motherhood as Political Qualifications. It discussed about how motherhood comes up when someone is running for a political office and it's normally as a bad thing. When men run, fatherhood is rarely brought up and I have never heard it referred to as something bad but good. Why not good for moms too? It made me think about my life as a mom and I realized that it's much more demanding than any job I've ever had. I mean, I get yelled at if I don't do my job quick enough, I have to be excellent as a multi-tasker, I must have great people skills and know how to talk to multiple groups of people, I have to be creative and think fast on my feet. How could this not make a mother good for almost any job out there? I just think it's interesting how the world looks on motherhood. It is just one of those incredibly difficult jobs that is often under appreciated. I called to schedule a dentist appointment for my kids the other day and the receptionist asked me what day was best. I said that I was pretty flexible. Her response was, "You must just stay at home then?" There was a condescending tone in it that made my heart rate increase but I pretended I didn't hear it and just continued scheduling. Just because I'm flexible doesn't mean I'm not doing anything. It just means I can rearrange the day.
I am just so grateful that I do get to stay home with my children and that they even if it is "just staying home" to some people, it's so much more to me.
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