Sunday, July 24, 2011

Solar Oven

Yesterday we made lunch in a solar oven. It has been so hot lately, I thought we'd put it to good use. It only took a few minutes b/c we just made cheesy bread. There are other, more complex recipes that I didn't want to try. We just kept it simple.
 Cheesy bread... before going outside....
 The kids and me setting it up for the best angle.
And... melted cheese 15 minutes later. =o)

It was really very easy to make. We took a box and lined it with crumpled paper (newspaper works too) as insulation to keep the heat in. Then we lined everything in aluminum foil. In the bottom of the box you line it with black paper (since black absorbs heat -- obviously). Put the food in a glass container (it's hot when it's done so use oven mitts). Then, use plastic wrap over the box to keep the heat trapped. Fun stuff and so easy!! :) You can use a rolled up towel or something to angle the box so the sun shines into it better.
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