Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Christmas in July!!!!

Collin starts school on August 15th, however, it isn't a traditional school. He is going to a virtual charter school. It's public school from home, basically. We are so excited and all of our excitement just spiked today. Collin is ready to start school now. haha! Seventy pounds of supplies just arrived via UPS split into three boxes full of supplies for school. Here's is a picture of what was in the big boxes...
The boxes were split up by subject. It was so fun going through them. Then, I had to organize the contents. Here's what I have as of right now... :)

We are very excited. On the very top are two boxes... the top box is full of the blow up globes, science experiment kit and a mini chalkboard. The box under it that is still in the wrapper (I wasn't ready to open that one with the kids) is the art kit.... paints, modeling clay, paint brushes....etc. The next shelf has the text books, teacher manuals, and picture books for all the subjects. The bottom shelf is exciting! There is writing paper (the kind with all the funny lines so he will learn to write the proper way), a cd for music class, and DVDs (music and history). The little blue boxes are for math. There are 3-D shapes, 2-D shapes, and stack-able blocks. The pink box was really exciting for me. There are dry erase boards, markers, and erasers, site word flash cards, a magnetic book for phonics, little learning to read phonics books that gradually get harder and harder... just fun stuff like that. It was awesome!! =o) A little over 3 weeks till we start. YAY!!! :)
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