Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day

Independence Day was spent at our friend's house. There was tons of fun! Swimming!

Food and Games!
 Don't ask what I'm doing in this pic. I think I was laughing at how poorly I was playing. The guys beat us 9 to 3. haha!!
It started raining on us so we had to run inside to play. There were six families total so 12 adults and 13 kids. hehe! It was crowded. =o)


Ronni took off running to the house when the fireworks started. She was terrified and wouldn't come out. I convinced at her to come outside to see one. She was yelling NO. Then, I asked her if she say that one. Cheerfully she yelled, "Yeah, now inside!" LOL! Poor girl. So, she saw one firework and that was it. Collin had fun though. Unfortunately, he was fearless and kept crossing the line I told him not to. He burned his foot and now has a blister from an ember. He also almost got hit by a Roman candle. Ack!! That's when I made him stand by me for a while. After that, he obeyed a bit better. hehe! Needless to say, it was exciting...
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