Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome to Alcove!! :)

Day one at our cabin at the mountains has been fun so far! :) We arrived around 4pm, then the Monson's around 6 and the Haymond's got here close to 8. It's nice! Our little part of the cabin is a studio but super cozy. We love it. There's even a light that simulates a wood stove. We're using it for the nightlight for the kids. :)
Here are the kids on the front porch. hehe! Yes, Collin's shirt is backwards. He dressed himself and we've told him several times but he just says that he wants it that way. LOL!
Here is what we found at the bottom of the mountain.... not quite the bottom but a little ways down. There are also hammocks set up along the edge of it. Isn't it beautiful? I anticipate going swimming in there tomorrow. :) Well, it's bedtime which means the parents are going to hang out int he living room. YAY!!

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