Sunday, September 19, 2010

active members or consecrated disciples??

Today was stake conference and the stake president gave such an AWESOME talk that I wanted to share. He said that in one of his meetings someone said, "The whole church would change if only a few families became consecrated disciples instead of just active members." He said if we change the Church then we change the world.
He said that most members live Terrestial lives - these are the just active members. They come to church every Sunday and do things that others can see but they don't do FHE or they don't do personal scripture or family prayer... little things like that...  the sins of omission. I admit, I'm totally guilty of this. He said that these are the people who teach and preach the gospel but then they don't apply it to their lives. Often they'll complain about things their leaders taught or asked of them. They basically do things that are convenient.
Now, the consecrated disciples do all these things but they do many other things as well. They are "anxiously engaged in a good cause", they are of one heart and one mind with the Savior and with one another, they serve others... etc.
He said there is no burning our in the kingdom, much is required. Don't sit back. We all need to Go and DO!

I just thought it was so awesome! It made me realize how much I'm really lacking in my life and everything that I need to improve on; which, unfortunately, is quite a lot. I am so excited that I went and was able to listen to the talks. I needed this b/c I've been feeling burned out lately (I posted about it a while back) and this made me realize that there is really no time for that. I just need to do the things I need to do. I can't get burned out and must be constantly engaged in a good cause. I thought I'd share even though nothing is worded as well as his talk was but hopefully you get the idea. :) Dh and I are going to have a talk tonight and make a plan so we can make our family consecrated disciples instead of just active members. =D

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