Friday, September 17, 2010

Swimming at Bunny's =)

For playgroup yesterday we went swimming at Bunny's apartments. Woo-hoo!! Here are some pics.
Here we are trying to get used to the cool water. The days here are still in the 90s but the nights have been in the 60s which makes for some chilly water.
Ronni sunning. haha! Crazy girl. Look at that grin. She was yelling "cheeeeeeeese". As soon as I took the picture she hopped up and jumped into the pool.
I was so proud of my kids. They just had the little floaties on and swam all over the pool. I even deflated half of the air in Collin's. I was so proud of them!!! :)
Of course, the younger kids seemed the think that the little spigots for cleaning off your feet were the most fascinating. haha!
Time to leave.Collin is leading Jacob back to the van.
Here's Ronni and Kaden and there's Ally coming up behind them. :) Aren't they all cute!! =D


Tom and Juli said...

How fun! Ronni is adorable!! We haven't been swimming for such a long time, I miss having access to a pool.

Linda said...

There are several members in our ward with a pool. :) It's nice!! =o)I am sorry you don't have access to one anymore. :(