Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Day Camp - Backyard Bash

Exploration: As our little friends arrived they played in this tub of water with cooking supplies. They really found it fun. Ronni thought  it was great to lie in... hehe!
Science: Then I gave everyone their own paper bags and they searched the yard for "treasures"... grass, acorns, flowers, leaves...etc.
I just thought this pic was so precious and wanted to share it. :)
Art: Then we met back on the driveway and I passed out the paper and coated it with some glue and they decorated. We talked a little about things they found too.
Here are the girls showing off their work. :)
Following directions: we had some bean bag fun. The older kids definitely did better with following directions. The younger ones wanted to play on the big wheel or with the dog. hehe!
Snack time: We had granola balls which seemed to be a big hit with several of them. hehe!
Afterwards we did circle time and sang some songs and read some books but we didn't get pictures. The younger ones weren't really into that though. We felt they needed some free time so let them play in my kids' room for a little while.
Gross Motor Skills: We went outside and tossed water balloons around. Of course, once it was discovered that the balloons pop and spray you with water... well, let's just say that 72 water balloons don't last long with 8 toddlers/preschoolers around. LOL! We ended up in a water balloon fight. haha! Tons of fun!
PE: We were all already wet so why not just soak us down.... SPRINKLERS!!! :)

After that we had a picnic lunch (no pics... sorry) and then the moms showed up to get their kiddos. I think it was fun!! :) I hope the kids had fun. I'm tired now and I think I need a nap. haha!

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