Thursday, September 9, 2010

Elmo in Grouchland

So... this was one of Collin's favorite movies when he was two. Today Ronni said she wanted to watch an Elmo movie so I thought I'd put this one in. Boy was I wrong! Apparently, Elmo using his blanket was very traumatic for Ronni. I have posted pictures below but just so you know, these pictures were taken early in the morning before any of us had showers so she is only in pajama bottoms (removed her shirt during the night) and I hadn't done her hair yet.
I was trying to get her to eat breakfast but all she could say was, "Where's Elmo's blanket?"
She cried throughout the entire movie. I tried turning it off but she got even angrier b/c she wanted to see what happened. haha! Isn't that a pitiful face? Now, below is a picture of Ronni after the movie was over, I got her dressed, did her hair and she was still crying so I got her her very own blanket from her drawer and the tears slowed. They didn't stop completely but they definitely slowed. hehe! I took the kids for a ride in the car for about 15 minutes before playgroup to get her to calm down. Here she is:
She's still a bit upset in this picture but definitely better than the previous ones. hehe! Poor girl!
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