Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Denim Apron

Yes folks, I've done it again.... I'm being crafty... hahah!! I made a jean skirt not too long ago so now I decided I needed to make something else. I really like being creative I just don't always have the materials or time to do it but with this Creation Plan, I have days to do these projects that I want to get done. So.... today I decided to make an apron from an old pair of jeans. I didn't realize that I'd finish it all in one afternoon, but I did.
You need a sewing machine, an iron, a pair of jeans, some fun material (about 20" long), and thread to match. Yeah, that's it. Come on! You guys know I'm not talented enough for anything too complicated. ;) I took my fun material and opened it up all the way then folded it long ways and cut along the fold. Then I folded it long ways again and cut along the fold so I ended up with 4 long strips of material.
After that, I laid them across the table face down and folded down a 1/2" on the sides and ironed it. Then folded it in half and ironed it again so it looked like what's pictured below.
Here are my four long strips of material already ironed as described above.
I set those aside and pulled out my jeans. I cut the right leg off just below the pocket and one of the back pockets.
I turned it face down on the table and cut a straight line going up the back of the leg. I then cut out the little arm holes. I folded it in half before cutting so they would be equal.
Once I finished that I pinned the fun material strips to the sides so it doesn't matter that my cutting wasn't very straight. No one can tell. :) After the pinning... I sewed it on the sewing machine. I ended up with this:
I think it turned out pretty cute. I've never owned an apron before so I'm pretty excited! :) I think I may add the other back pocket to the apron. That's why my pocket is off to the side. I kind of like it uncentered anyways, that way the crooked-ness is on purpose. :) haha!

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sariqd said...

This is just TOO cute! I love aprons!!! :) WTG!!!