Saturday, September 18, 2010

No 'Poo

I've been meaning to blog about this but I keep forgetting. I get asked about this many times so I thought I'd share it here so I can just refer ppl to this blog to get the info.

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So, first, to those of you who don't know me that well.... yes, I tend to lean on the hippie ways. hehe! I don't consider myself one but I've been called one many times in my life. I think of myself as more "natural". ;) Whatever label you give me, the fact remains, I don't use shampoo and haven't for about two years now. This seems a little weird, I know but this actually began when I started researching other alternatives to shampoo b/c my scalp and base of my neck were covered in itchy hives. I have very sensitive skin and have to be careful what I use on it. Shampoo had finally gotten the best of me and I was tired of scratching. I came across the No 'Poo method. If you google that you'll find TONS of articles.

Yes, it's true, you don't use shampoo. Shampoo is full of chemicals that actually strips away the natural oils in your hair that are there to protect it. With the no 'poo method, your hair builds up it's natural oils and gets softer and healthier. However, it takes a few days to weeks for your hair to get used to this. With shampoo, your hair gets used to producing an over abundance of oils b/c the shampoo strips it away. Most people's hair gets very oily for a little while until the body adjusts to having the oils back in the hair. Once you make it through that part... the rest is cake, not to mention very affordable!

How do I clean my hair then, you ask? That's simple. I make my own shampoo! :)
First, you need a few simple ingredients:
Baking Soda

Apple Cider Vinegar

and... if you tend to have dry hair, you'll need some honey

All you do is put 1 tbs of baking soda into a 1 cup container, squirt a little honey in if you want and then fill it up with water and stir. I like to take the container into the shower with me and fill it up with my shower water so it's the same temperature. Get most of it around the roots and massage it in. Rinse. Next, pour some apple cider vinegar in the same container -- about a tbs and then add water. Pour it over your hair. Rinse. Voila!! You're done!! :)

See... so simple! ;)

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