Thursday, September 23, 2010

Update on my Zipadee Doodah Day. :)

Well, my hair definitely didn't do what I wanted it to. I wore the same outfit that I've worn many times. I didn't discover that I've lost weight with out trying -- in fact, I've been trying. :) hehe! Collin woke up to discover that sometime during the night he wet his bed, we ran late for playgroup today and the kids ran around all day in mis-matched outfits and Ronni's hair didn't get done, then Ronni threw a temper tantrum b/c she had enough sugary drinks this morning and I gave her water so I put her down for nap early. She needed it. ;) During her nap I made 4 batches of muffins for our trip to the mountains this weekend (I'm responsible for one of the breakfasts. ;) Then my teenage "daughter" came home from school. After we had all snacked on some of the muffins I took the younger to kids to the Haymonds while I went visiting teaching. And, just before I left to go my V.T. called me to inform me of some bad news in her family and she was going to have to cancel so I went alone. It's okay... it was still fun! =D Then, I went back to pick up my kiddos and the house I had left them at was dark and empty. Ak!! haha! My kids were gone. It was okay though b/c they went over to a neighbor's house who is from church and my kids played with their kids. ;) My children were filthy but totally had fun! :) I haven't had a chance to pack for tomorrow and Paul didn't buy everything on the list this morning when he went to the store but today still felt like a great day! :) I can't wait for another one tomorrow!! It'll be even better b/c WE'RE GOING TO A CABIN IN THE MOUNTAINS!!! :)
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