Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Creation Plan

I bought the Creation Plan by Betty Meyers from amazon for $2.
Here is an article that sums it up pretty well. I am really excited to try this new method of cleaning. Basically, it uses the creation plan as a guide for homemaking. Here is a really really brief synopsis:
First Day - Unorganized matter is organized             Monday - Organizing and cleaning
Second Day - Waters                                             Tuesday - Laundry, Ironing and mending
Third Day - Light divided from darkness                 Wednesday - Personal enlightenment - planning, reading
Fourth Day - Vegetation and beautification              Thursday - Yard work and home decorating
Fifth Day - Animals were created                            Friday - Shopping and errands/special animal care
Sixth Day - Man was created                                 Saturday - Time for self and family
Seventh Day - The Lord rested                              Sunday - Rest from labors, spiritual renewal

The book is great too. It gives ways to modify it for full time working moms or to adjust it for your lifestyle b/c not everyone can do laundry just once a week. I love that it allows time for me and Wednesday is to work on my calling if I need to. How awesome is that? It's written by an LDS lady back in the 80s... before I was born! So... this is a little old.

Here is a paragraph that I loved from it, pg 5, "Clean houses and clean clothing are important, but we need also to find time for ourselves and our loved ones. Remember how, when the Savior visited the home of Mary and Martha, he found that 'Martha was cumbered about much serving'? His advice to her was: 'Thou art careful and troubled about many things: but one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken from her.' (Luke 10:38-42)"
Hopefully this will help me organize my life a little bit. I've tried flylady but I think she's on speed or something b/c I just can't seem to keep up with her. hehe. I think this will be a better option for me. :)
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