Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cub Fun Days - Wild Wild West

Collin and I went to the Cub Fun Days. It was a Wild Wild West theme this year. We arrived on Friday.

Our campsite -- yes, it's a hill made of clay with lots of rocks. LOL! Not easy to find a good spot.

The first day, we explored. 

Beautiful lake!

Collin found, what he called, a gravel couch.

Dinner! We were informed we couldn't drive in so we had to carry our stuff in. So, we took backpacking food. 
Walking around

He found a meadow and a lake. :) 

The moon was really bright.

Collin sleeping.
Saturday: We were busy
The view on one side of our campsite during breakfast...

... and the other side The first tent is ours; the rest of the stuff was our neighbor.

Playing with other cubs while waiting for the festivities to begin.

Making a cowboy vest.

Making a spirit stick.

Wrangling a saw horse.

Branded leather for spirit stick.

BB Guns

Spirit stick....earned an eagle claw. He said he was hoping he'd get an eagle for his spirit stick because it would help him aim to get his eagle in scouts. :) Later, he got a bear claw for the BB Guns.

Archery. This was awesome for him because the guy who led this taught Collin how to shoot left handed.

They had these planes flying throughout the day. The boys thought they were awesome!!

This was a simulator (sorry for the glare) so the boys could try to fly their own planes.


Fishing. He was one of the few cub scouts who caught something. Unfortunately, it wasn't a fish. It was another cub scout. Oops! The hook caught in the kid's shirt. All the parents yelled "Freeze!!" So, we got it out of the boy's shirt and all was well.

I couldn't get a picture of the canoeing but we went canoeing. I had never been before, but Collin and I both liked it so much that we went twice.

We found a short cut trail through the woods. It was much prettier than walking by the road.

Sling shots

This was funny. Collin and I were playing horseshoes. This happened. Collin laughed and said, "I'll never beat that."

So, he just tossed it nonchalantly and got this. We thought it was so funny!

Cool helicopter that zoomed backwards and upside down and all over. It was crazy!

Break time! We had dinner and then Collin went to play with other cub scouts so I sat quietly by myself and just enjoyed it. 

Campfire Program!

The cubs were dancing to hokey pokey...

... while Collin was staring at them like this.

YMCA y'all!

Our pack's skit. Yes, only 2 boys went from our pack but they did a skit anyways.

Joe in the Button factory. Do you see that Collin joined in the fun here? See the big smile on his face? LOL!

Another pack was retiring a flag. They grabbed Collin and asked him to join in. So, I went over to take a picture and while I was watching, they asked me to help as well. It was very cool!
Afterwards, we went out to the stargazing. Collin got to see the moon and Venus in the telescope.
Sunday: shortest day

Scout's own non denominational church service. It lasted less than 15 minutes and Collin was absolutely shocked he was really allowed to leave after such a short meeting. :D
We had fun, but now I'm sooooo exhausted. Good night.
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