Monday, May 4, 2015

#30DayMakeoverChallenge (Interior Design)

I'm going to try to make my living room look beautiful. I'm following Baiyina and her 30 Day Challenge.

This is my living room right now....

The backpacks are normally not there. It's just because Collin and I got back from camping yesterday and I haven't put them away yet. 

Paul and I think it sort of looks like we are still in college. I want some sophistication to come out of this. So, I went on pinterest to get some inspiration. Here are some images that I really like. We have the track lighting and the Doctor Who poster on the wall. We finally got a new chair for the desk but it doesn't really show much about us. It's just a room to put things. I'm going to try to make it look like a cozy home -- somewhere we want to be.

I love the pillows and the plants behind the couch. I also love the fringe and the lights. However, I'm thinking no lights in our living room. It may still look like college if I did that. Remember, sophisticated is what we're going for. :) 

I love the gray/blue color with that eggshell white.

I love the distressed look of these drawers and the color. 

I love this couch. Not the colors, but the style. I think it would be so neat to have a couch like that. The box could be used for storage too! We could keep blankets and all types of other things there. :) 

This just looked so cozy. I want to snuggle up on the couch and fall asleep.

The navy blue with the gray looks really pretty in this picture. I think Paul would like this color combo too -- gray, eggshell, and navy.

The door. Seriously!

So, ideas? I'm kind of all out too. haha!
So, when people walk into my living room I want them to know grown ups live here.

Here's my plan (it won't all happen this month though).

Paint the walls eggshell and then design the room in gray with navy blue accents. I want the couch to be plush and super soft throw blankets and pillows to math the room. Side tables with lamps with navy blue shades and little navy blue curtains on each of our built in shelves. I could even accent it with some of the eggshell.... like eggshell flowers in a navy blue vase or something. Hmmmm... I'm getting excited now. Let's see how this month goes. :D

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