Friday, May 15, 2015


So, today's blogging challenge is to write about a negative comment and turn it into a positive. Unfortunately, most of my negative comments come from myself.

Lately, my biggest negative comment to myself has been being invisible. I often feel useless and unnoticed. I don't mind. I normally prefer not being noticed but the useless feeling has been getting to me lately.

So, how do I turn this into a positive? I thought I'd list the things I am relied on to do.

  1. Care for my children
  2. Teach my children
  3. Den Leader
  4. Girl Scout Leader
  5. Teach music to the children at church
  6. Clean my house
  7. Cook for my family
  8. Chauffeur for my children
  9. Provide hugs and kisses to my husband and children
  10. Provide moral support
  11. Pay the bills
  12. Handle the budget and disperse the money
  13. Plan the schedule
  14. Protect the family 
Finally, I am the Guardian of this Hearth. I am the one who turns this house into a home so my family can feel comfortable here. I may be invisible to most, but the people who matter, my family, I am vitally important.

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