Monday, May 11, 2015


So, last post I talked about a parenting weakness I have. Today, I'm going to talk about a parenting strength. Well, at least a strength others see in me but I think it still needs a lot of work to improve. However, when people say I'm patient, I normally feel I'm more like this --

I only have two living children, but sometimes they are... difficult. One has sensory processing disorder and the other is... well, just very talkative, energetic, and thinks she's a teenager so is already back-talking. Some of these things test my patience. I hate yelling and I hate confrontation though. So, what people often see is me asking my kids to stop or pulling them aside and explaining the consequences if they pursue that action and then follow through. I normally don't yell. Sometimes, I've even been known to whisper to get them to talk to me. Of course, that doesn't always work. It just depends on what's going on. This is why I am often referred to as patient.

Here's my secret -- it's a facade!!! If I'm on my period or about to start, it comes out. The poor kids get yelled at all day and my husband always says, "Are you starting your period?" LOL! Yes, not helpful, honey!

So, I'm working on being better at patience. Hopefully, I'll fake it 'til I make it.

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