Thursday, May 14, 2015

Woes of a full time student homeschooling mom

Well, another term has started! My goal is to finish everything in 2 semesters.

This semester I am hoping to complete:
-Literacy and Elementary Language Arts and Handwriting
-Specific Teaching Practices: Math and Science
-Specific Teaching Practices: Health, VPA, and Social Studies
-US Government and Constitution
-Research Writing
-Educational Theory and Analysis

That's 18 credits so I'm not sure if I'll get it all in. I used to get this much when I was a full time student before husband and children. ;)

Next semester I hope to complete:
-Educational Theory Synthesis and Evaluation
-Educational Studies Integration
-Theoretical Reasoning and Problem Solving

That's a total of 14 credits. So... keeping fingers crossed I can do it.

This is my schedule for next year --- yikes!

For a blogging challenge, I'm going to try to do a vlog. haha! This may be weird. So, here is my randomness from last night while I was working on my school work.

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