Thursday, May 7, 2015

Just Say No

Sometimes being a mom feels like this. Yes, my tail is on fire, but I don't have enough energy to put it out.

Sometimes being a mom is tough. The kids want to help with chores. Well, I want them to help with chores, too but it's so much easier to do it myself. However, I know they must learn so I let them help. Then, I have to complete the task with the child which means I explain it verbally, then show them, then allow that child to complete it. Then, because the child did it, I normally have to clean up the mess the child made. So, it's exhausting.

My biggest flaw as a mom is letting the exhaustion take over somedays. On those days, I often compromise with the children instead of just saying no. This really doesn't make being a mom any easier because then the child expects you to compromise instead of just accepting no.

My Rule: No, you may only walk down to visit the neighbors on Thursdays and Saturdays.
Reality: Kids - They're playing outside on the bikes, may I just go down to see them? My response - Okay, you may ride your bike and talk to them as you ride by.

Yeah... that ends up snowballing as the days go by into the kids getting their way. So, there you have it.... my biggest parental flaw. I will get better at this... I hope. I'm trying anyways.

What's your biggest parental flaw?
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