Saturday, December 1, 2012


We went to my sister's for Thanksgiving. They live on 10 acres of land and have a large, beautiful house so there was plenty of room for the kids to play. YAY!! Especially since there are 7 kids when both our families get together. We need plenty of room. =o)

Before we went, Ryanne and I made rag dolls that my mother in law gave us the material for. She has decided she is grateful for all the toys she has now. ha! Silly girl. Anyways, here are the dolls. :) The purple one my mother in law gave us as a guide and then she gave us the pre-cut materials for the brown one. It took about 5 minutes to make... no sewing involved. Just knot typing. Kind of cool how simple it really was to make.

Then, food!!! Okay, Paul and I are trying to lose weight so we made a stuffing with brown rice instead of breading. Healthier. ;) Also, salad... ;) Trying to avoid all the bean casserole. LOL! Then, we had to have the mashed potatoes. Yes, high in calories but a necessity of Thanksgiving.
That was all we had planned on taking to my sister's house (my mom was there too so there was lots of food!) but then the kids all piped in. Last year I made cake bites and apparently they were a big hit. I had no idea b/c all the kids decided they wanted cake bites again. So, I added 80 cake bites to the menu. ;) True, they are simple to make but they are quite time consuming. So, here are the cake bites!
YUMMY!!! :) So much for the counting of calories, right? Actually, Paul and I still stayed within our daily range for Thanksgiving. Hooray for us!

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