Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lemon-Honey Tea Mix

Does it make you crazy when you have a recipe that requires lemon zest or juice from half a lemon and then you have to waste the rest of the lemon? No one in my family just eats a whole lemon. Just not that appetizing. I started pondering things I could do with the rest of that lemon and then I saw a picture on a friend's facebook page. It was a jar of honey with lemon slices in it. This made me start thinking. Wouldn't it be nice if I had a jar to put sliced lemons in with honey (a natural preservative) covering it. Then I could just scoop out a few spoonfuls when necessary and I'd have the lemon and honey all there together for the perfect tea for my sniffley child or husband. So, I tried it and it works!! I have had ours for months now and the honey and lemon is still good. Sometimes we made honey-lemon tea even when we aren't sick. It's just yummy! Lemon is great for healing those sore throats and honey coats the throat and sweetens the tea. Yummy. However, this is not good if you're about to go sing. You'll want the lemon only for that. Anyways.... here is what I do.

Anytime I have extra lemon, I just slice it up and drop it in my jar. When the lemon is poking up from the honey, I add more honey. It is very important that the lemon stay under the honey or the lemon out of the honey will rot. Eeeww! That won't help a cold and will just cause other problems.The honey does become a bit watery from the lemon juices but that's okay. When you feel sick, boil up some water and poor into a tea sized mug and add two spoonfuls of your mixture. If it's a cocoa/coffee mug then you'll probably want a third spoonful. We love this handy little jar! :) I bought a decorative jar so it looks pretty on the counter too.
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