Monday, December 10, 2012

Homemade Dishwasher Soap

Not pictured -- you also need something to put the mixture in. :)

This was so easy. I mixed it and put it right into my dishwasher... no problem! :)


  • 2 c washing soda
  • 2 c borax
  • 6 TBS citric acid
  • 20 drops doTERRA Wild Orange
  • 10 drops doTERRA Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Oil
  • Mix all ingredients together and stir. Yes, it really is that easy.
To use:
  • You put two tsp into the soap dispenser and then pour a cup of white vinegar into the bottom of the dishwasher and then turn it on. Yay!! Then you'll have clean dishes. 
This actually worked. It wasn't a, "Oh my gosh! I'm never going back to store bought soap!" type of thing. It worked about as well as the average dishwasher detergent but it was sooooo cheap to make! I love that! :) So, enjoy. You could also use lemon oil instead of wild orange. I made a half batch of this so I could try it and I really do like it. :) I am so excited that I tried this. ;)
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