Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas at the Smith's

We were going to go to my sister's to hang out with her family and my mom for Christmas Eve but then Ryanne got a bad cold and my sister's youngest is an infant so we were worried about getting her sick so... we decided to stay home. We sent a lot of texts and the children shed plenty of tears. It was sad but we all trudged through and managed to have a very fun Christmas! :) hehe!

We had finger foods at our house and watched Christmas movies until bed time. Christmas morning we got up and watched "A Gift to the World".
Then.... we ate breakfast....
It was gorilla bread (pull apart bread but with cream cheese and apple filling in the center of each biscuit while they're all smothered in caramelized cinnamon, sugar and butter.... yummy! So good yet so fattening. I also made bacon but half the pan ended up extra crispy so Arwen (the dog) got a Merry Christmas gift too and absolutely LOVED it!!! :)

Finally, we allowed the kids to check out their Santa gifts.
Collin got his first air soft pistol (a step down from a bb gun --- plastic pellets and only shoots about 12'). We decided he was ready to learn how to handle a gun and has had the gun safety talk and everything. Before he is allowed to pull the trigger he must say, "May I fire?" and wait for a yes from Paul or me before he may shoot. It works well. :) He also got a Skylander novel. Ryanne got a little tin container of lip gloss and a Cinderella book. They both got undies, socks, an orange, a chocolate orange, and candy canes. They both also got the Guess Who game to share. They were sooooo excited about their Santa gifts. They played with them for most of the morning. They hardly noticed the other gifts waiting under the tree....

We didn't get to the rest of these gifts until after lunch. ;)

Ryanne got from us: a ballet music/jewelry box, clothes, and veterinarian kit with a stuffed animal. From grandparents she also got a new tree ornament, a baby stroller, a doodle bear, high heeled dress up shoes, color wonder coloring book, and a cooking apron.

Collin got from us: a telescope (which was actually passed down from his great grandparents), clothes, and a wooden marble run. From grandparents he got skylanders, an imaginext dragon, beyblades, and a tree ornament.

The kids were spoiled! :) Thank you grandparents!!! :)

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