Saturday, December 8, 2012

Homemade Liquid Laundry Soap

Ingredients needed:

Materials needed:
  • 5 gallon bucket
  • Pot
  • Something long to stir with
  • Cheese grater (I used an old broken one)
  • Empty, cleaned laundry detergent bottle
  1. Grate the bar of soap.
  2. Boil 4 cups of water. Add the grated soap to boiling water and stir until it's melted.
  3. Fill 5 gallon bucket half full with hot water then poor in water/soap mixture and stir.
  4. Add washing soda and borax and stir until powder is dissolved.
  5. Fill the the bucket to the top with hot water, stir, put lid on and let sit overnight to thicken.
  6. The next morning, add essential oils, stir and put in empty laundry soap bottle.
Pictures of process:
The grated soap in the boiled water.

This is step 4.
I filled it to the top. This one was kind of tricky b/c  the soap kept bubbling all over. haha! I had to position the nozzle correctly so as not to churn the water to much and make it bubble. :) Fun though. Then I put the lid on and let it sit overnight.
The next morning I was super surprised!! When I put the lid on the bucket the stuff inside was the consistency of water. I will be honest, I was worried it wouldn't turn out but, by morning, it was thick and soapy. Yay!! Absolutely perfect! So excited to know how to make this now. One bucket will last a LONG time! =o) And SOOOOO cheap! Hooray for savings! :)

How to use: A front loader uses 1/2 c per load and top loader uses 1 c per load. This batch will wash 95 loads of laundry for a front loader. Woot!! Enjoy!

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