Thursday, December 27, 2012

Kitchen Remodel!!

So, as you know, we've been slowly and gradually remodeling the kitchen. The past couple of days has been the countertops. Yay!! Here is the only picture I found on my computer with the previous countertops and it was taken while we were working on the floors. :) So.... ignore the floor. This is a before picture for the counters! :)
It was tile. May I just say that I HATE tile? It is so hard to clean the grout. The only thing I found that really helped was the steam cleaner and I scrubbed the grout one row at a time with the metal brush. Very time consuming! Also, I whacked a can of biscuits on the corner of the counter one day (that's what you do when it doesn't pop open, admit it!) and a few tiles went flying off. Ooops! They never stayed again so we knew we wanted new counters. So, we bought new counters. Here are our cabinets counter free....
This was actually difficult to deal with. I'd walk in the kitchen and get the kids a drink and no where to set the cup or they wanted kiwi.... really, where do we cut the thing? Also, you must remember that since we planned to do this and add a bar to it, we decided to give our dining room table to another family so we didn't even have a table. I sat on my kitchen floor to do everything. LOL! Very weird. Also, our sink was sitting on the floor in the dining room. Where do your kids put dirty dishes? The sink. Where do you think my kids took their dishes? The sink. LOL!
The bar from the dining room. Yeah! Everything still needs to be painted so no judging... k?

Our new counters!! Paul had just finished the plumbing under the sink and I hadn't yet put the cleaning supplies back in it. Ignore that, too, k? :)

And the bar from the kitchen side. LOVE IT!!! Yes, those are pizza boxes. Our kitchen was a mess so we ordered pizza for lunch and had leftovers for dinner. ;) You think that's a lot for our family? Collin eats one large pizza by himself!!!
Now we just need to sand and paint and we'll be completely finished. HOORAY!!! :) I love my kitchen and now I don't want to move. haha! Well, you know, except for the fact that this is still a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house with a family of 4, wanting to be 5 eventually living in it. So... yeah, we need an extra room or two. ;) So, don't  you just LOVE LOVE LOVE my new kitchen? I do!! I really, really do! :)
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