Sunday, May 8, 2016

Dec 2015 - I got behind

So, we're in May already and I haven't blogged at all this year. I guess it's time to catch up. Ack!
 The kids enjoying the sun and reading their books on the trampoline. 

Collin's birthday gift was a fossil.... well, okay, it was plastic bones of a dinosaur he had to chip out of this thing and then put them together. He thought it was the coolest thing!

We went into Target and came back out and found these on our van. 

My cat is just so cute. How could I not share this picture? 

Yes, we did... TWICE! :D 

 Collin earned his black belt!! YAY!

 The Activity Days (Ryanne's age group at church) made little snowmen to donate to needy children. They took them to the children and then went out to party at Dunkin Donuts. :) 

For Christmas, I made the families favorite, very time consuming cookies... apple pie cookies. Don't they look yummy? :) They are. They're like mini apple pies! :D 

Christmas is not Christmas with out a little Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye!

 Christmas was smaller than normal from us this year. Their big gift was Disney! :D For Christmas they each got new scooters, helmets, and a scrapbook of their Disney trip. The rest in the pictures are from grandparents. 

Riding their new scooters!

 For New Year's Eve and New Year's Day we always do a movie marathon. This year it was Star Wars! YAY! However, the power went off for several hours so we all sat around reading in the dark with flashlights. It was fun.
Minion (our one eyed pitbull) is frightened of fireworks so we put him in the middle of the kids and he did so much better than in the past. We were watching movies and comforting a dog all night. haha!

That is the end of December. :D

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