Monday, May 30, 2016

Night of Astronomy

We went to the local college for an astronomy night. It was very cool.
First we watched this video in the planetarium. 

Then the kids made these little star charts. You turn the round piece up paper until the date and time line up, point the north arrow to north, and it tells you all the constellations that are in the sky at that time. It's pretty cool!

Just looking at some cool things under the microscope.

 This is where my children call "the animal room". It's always available for SEED but SEED has about 4000 and this event only has about 200. So, this was really cool because we were the only people in "the animal room" so they brought out the snake and the owl just for us. It was pretty awesome!

Making bird feeders -- cheerios on pipe cleaners.

 Dipping things out of the pond water and looking at it under the microscope. They even found living things in there along with plants and stuff. It was pretty cool. 

Sunset from the top of the building.

Looking through the GIANT telescope on the roof. 

Another shot of the sunset.

 More bird feeders. Pinecones, peanut butter, and bird seeds. It was kind of funny because Ryanne decided it was easier to scoop the pb out with her hand and rub it on the pinecones than use a knife. Ryanne laughed it off and said, "I'm sure lots of kids do it this way." The woman running the booth laughed and said, "No, you are the first." haha!

Making a picture frame.

Making insects.
We then went outside and looked through lots of telescopes to see the moon and Jupiter and Jupiter's moons. It was pretty cool. We also went back to the roof to see Jupiter up there. The first time it was pointed to the moon, but they moved it to Jupiter for us so we could see it.
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