Sunday, May 8, 2016

February 2016

Now for February!
 Costumes for the two dances she took to competition. She got gold and first place for one and platinum and first place for the other. YAY! 

 Hair and makeup for competition.
 She looks so grown up!

 Afterwards we celebrated by going to The Mellow Mushroom for Italian food. yummy!

Check out all these trophies from competition. Wow!

 All of these pictures are from the Battle of Aiken.... civil war re-enactment.

Root beer! Delicious!

Ryanne bought a shawl and Collin bought a wooden sword. 

Check it! The troop guide project. Woohoo! We finished it!

The kids pretending they are in space ships and fighting off bad guys. I love their imagination. 

At Wood Badge!! I was the troop guide to the fox patrol so I had fox ears and tail. I also had a nose but it was difficult to breath with. ;) 

Just hanging with other staffers! :D

Ryanne dressed as a fox. :) 

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