Sunday, May 8, 2016

January 2016

And here is a sum up of the month of January.

I was pulled over by a police officer for the first time ever in my life. I rolled a stop sign.... ooops! He just gave me a warning. 

A limb was leaning on the wire that allows us to have internet. So, I went out with the chainsaw and cut it down. I kind of got the chainsaw stuck so it was a tricky situation but I did get the chainsaw out and all is well. :) 

This was me at my first overnight Wood Badge staff training. The first training was only a day and I was a Disney World during the second weekend training so this was technically the third training, but my second training. It was so fun! I absolutely recommend staffing Wood Badge. Tons of fun!

My mom got the kids a really cool Christmas gift.... Collin gets a Tinker Crate which is filled with science-y gadgets, and Ryanne gets aDoodle Crate which is filled with crafty activities. They have a year subscription and they LOVE it!

Ryanne drew a picture of R2D2 and I thought she did a pretty good job. 

We decided to turn Ryanne's Showstopper Dance Convention  at Myrtle Beach into a family vacation.

Ryanne doing her daily workouts -- yes.... pushups between the beds. What? I would have folded backwards and been in a very painful position on the floor. 

Playing at the beach.

 Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum

So, funny story about this mirror maze. We were walking through this maze and the kids got ahead of us. They couldn't see us and Ryanne panicked. Well, she finally saw me and ran at full speed. Unfortunately for her, it wasn't me but my reflection and she smacked into the mirror and bounced backwards landing in a heap on the floor. She began to cry so I cradled her in my arms and tried very hard not to laugh. I failed miserably and laughed, but I held her tightly. Paul tried to wipe all the spit that smudged onto the mirror when she smacked into it. It was sad. She ended up with a black eye. The picture is farther below. 

It started raining and we had to walk a mile in the rain to get back to the hotel. 

The hotel had an awesome pool and lazy river! It was so fun! We all enjoyed it. 

And... it starts! This thing ended up with autographs all over it by the end!

 Ryanne got to ride in a limousine!!!

This was a tunnel that went under ground so people didn't have to try to cross the street. I loved the artwork. It was on the ceiling, too. Isn't it awesome?

Ryanne's black eye.

Playing in the ocean... again. 

Awe... the minis on Ryanne's company team. 

All the "Tweens" at showstopper.

Final dance of the third day. Paul is dancing with Ryanne. Aren't they cute? Don't worry, I got my turn, too. 

 Snow in South Carolina!

Pinewood Derby cars from Collin's pack. The front row second from left is Collin's. It says "Door Stop" on top. hehe!

This was his last Pinewood Derby year. So, here are his 3 cars.... Wolf is the middle one, Bear on the left, and Webelos on the right. 

 Ryanne absolutely LOVES Activity Days!

And this is the end of January.
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