Sunday, May 8, 2016


Here we go for another month.
Staffing weekend II of Wood Badge. Yeah!

The beautiful sunrise. 

The lake!

Yeah... still staffing with a sombrero because that's the type of troop guides I was staffing with. :) 

I earned my 3rd bead!

Another look at the lake. 

Oh! Did I mention I got a new niece in December? Well, I did. 

Picnic with cousins. 

St. Patricks Day

My Wood Badge mugs. One from being a participant and one from staffing. 

The cute couple. 

Exploring downtown and found this sign. haha!

Easter Eggs!

Easter gifts! Yeah, my kids don't get a lot. Candy and swim suits this year. ;) 

The kids picked out the flowers for David's grave so yellow daisies and blue fuzzy things. haha!

Women's conference. I love this picture because all these 8 year olds were sitting together. By the end, they were all either lying down or back with their moms. :) The women's conference is always so late and way past Ryanne's bed time. 

 Here are the eggs!

Easter morning. The kids are coloring in their new Easter clothes. 

I also started playing around with yoga. Look! I can do the wheel still!

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