Sunday, May 8, 2016


 In April we dissected a sheep heart. 

The kids' assignment was to paint using three colors - black, white, and one other color. Ryanne chose pink and Collin chose blue. I love these paintings! I thought they did such a great job. Ryanne gave hers to her dance teacher. 

We were going to go camping during the weekend of General Conference. However, a huge storm rolled in and we decided we didn't all want to be stuck in a tent along with two dogs for two days at the beach. So, we lost the money we paid for it and cancelled our vacation. Instead, we set up the tent in the living room and talked about King Benjamin and faced our tent to the prophets... literally. ;) I also put activities in each bag that required the kids to pay attention. For example, the one pictured above was a dart game and there was a diagram to go with it where the kids had to throw the dart towards a certain color on it depending on what topic the speaker mentioned. They loved these. Each baggie had an activity/game similar to that. They chose a new bag for each speaker. 

Collin started laughing really hard at something. I don't remember what now. I had to snap a picture of it since he rarely has sincere smiles for pictures. 

 Puppy Love!

So, the septic tank people came to pump our tank and we learned our tank is caving in and we need a new one. Ug! Now we have to save up $2500 for a new one. :/ 

We finished our 6 week unit on Christopher Columbus. 

 Ryanne made Snickerdoodles all by herself with this really old children's cookbook we found at a used book sale. 

This is my spot... no folded sheets allowed. haha!

It's warm enough for the spray ground!

Sibling love!

 Fun at Hopeland Gardens. In the picture below, they were trying to get litter out of the water. Ryanne was afraid she'd fall in so Collin held on to her while she picked it up. I'm so glad he's a mostly sweet big brother and didn't let her go. LOL!
 I always try to time our spring breaks and other breaks so they are not at the same time as local public schools so this day of spring break was spent at the park. Picnic, kite flying, and spray ground. 

Lazy afternoon for me. The kids were playing with other neighborhood kids so I relaxed in the hammock with a book. *sigh*

Ryanne has a personal crusade to help all the homeless people. She's collecting all the pennies she can. 

A friend of Paul's from work gets these geek boxes in the mail and this one came with Doctor Who stuff so guess who he gave it all to. That's right! Me! 

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