Sunday, May 29, 2016

Cub Fun Day 2016

Just hanging with Julie and "Hannah".

I found an Eagle staffing!

S'mores for dinner? Yes, please. Okay, this was dessert. 

Playing with the cubs from the camp next door. 

New morning and everyone is asleep.

Just doing some morning yoga. 

caterpillar visiting our tent

learning to tie knots on the fishing pole


 BB Guns

He's pretty proud of his shooting. 

He made himself a boat for the rain-gutter rigatta

Found Julie and "Hannah" again. Well, actually they found me. We were eating lunch back at camp.

Hanging with the neighbors again. :) 

 Just flying a drone.

Human Foosball 

Post playing human Foosball with a bunch of cub scouts. Tired and sweaty! 


These little flowers were everywhere but we have no idea what they were. 

 I was sooooo dirty!

 She'll deny it, but apparently Ryanne missed her brother. She welcomed Collin home with a couple of cans of silly string so they could have a silly string fight. So fun!

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