Thursday, December 10, 2015

We Didn't Do It!

So, Paul sent his resume to a friend of his and asked him to look over it. This friend decided to put his resume in for a job. What?! Yeah, that was our reaction. haha!
Well, Paul got an interview.
Then he got another interview.
Then he had another interview.
Then he was offered the job... in CHICAGO, IL. They offered us more money than he makes now. Then, we prayed about it and felt we needed to stay here. So, Paul turned them down. They called us back and offered Paul $15,000 more!! Oh... the pain. So, we still turned them down.

However, we learned something very cool... Paul's skills are marketable and people are willing to fight for him. This was a great boost of confidence for him and I'm so proud of him and everything he has accomplished. He is just amazing!
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