Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Oh, me of many hats!

In cub scouts, I have worn quite a few hats. Last year, at our Blue and Gold Banquet, I was even given a bunch of hats as a gag gift. I have now been given a new hat to wear. So, before I tell you the new one, let's review.
2012 - I was the primary presidency member of cubs so I was on the committee as the pack trainer.
2013 - I became the cub master.
2014 - I became the Wolf Den Leader
2015 - I am now the Committee Chair

I have to say that I am pretty excited. Hannah and I went to Wood Badge (learn all about that HERE) and came back ready to make the pack amazing. Well, we have a pretty good team of people going and the pack is flowing smoothly. The boys even love coming. YAY!! Now, the committee. Hannah and I just did everything the committee was supposed to do. Now, it's time to have a functioning committee, too. So, I'm working on that one now. haha! Wish me luck!This Committee Chair is going to make it happen! Woot! or.... er... bobwhite!!!
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