Thursday, September 24, 2015

Wood Badge - Beading

Okay.... if you'd like to read all about my Wood Badge experience thus far then check out the following links:
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We still weren't done after all that. While we were there we wrote up a ticket which consisted of 5 goals to help implement the things we learned at Wood Badge into our scouting position. Then we were given 18 months to complete these goals. Some were big, some were small. Anyways, Hannah and I completed them and we were recognized for completing Wood Badge last night. YAY!!!

These are all out of order so you'll just get them as they are. :)

Julie is explaining the meaning of the new neckerchiefs as the old ones are being switched around.

Chad was pulling Hannah's hair. LOL!

Hannah and I always get the giggles when we're together at scouting stuff. So... there we are giggling again.

Explanation of the Woggle.

My woggle was fighting Lauren. She persevered though and eventually won. 

The scouts and families cheering. YAY!

Explaining to us how to put on the beads with everything else. It should come with an instruction manual, but I think I got it. ;) 

Chad letting the cubs (and their siblings) see the beads close up.

Silly Wood Badgers!!

Yeah, so this was an embarrassing moment. I am normally barefoot and I rock on the sides of my feet. Well, I was wearing tennis shoes because we hiked into the woods. I felt it was appropriate. So, when you begin rocking on the side of your food and your shoe has a thick sole and you're used to bare-feet... well, don't. Next thing you know, you'll be sitting on your butt in the dirt. I know this because it happened to me. haha! So, Julie was talking and then she announced the names and as soon as she said Linda... down I went. Yeap. I tried to think quick. Could I get up before anyone notices? Nope. They had already noticed so I pointed my thumbs to my chest and said, "That's me!" Ryanne just shook her head and said, "That's my mom." She's used to this happening. At Wood Badge, the rest of my patrol got used to pointing out holes or things I could trip on because I tend to do that often. I came home and told Paul and all he could say was, "I'm not surprised." So, anyone who knows me, know that this is normal. I stood up very animated apparently. This shot is of me getting up. LOL!


Look at us.... in the service neckerchiefs. We still get to wear these when we are doing any type of service.

More of the silly Wood Badgers!!

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