Wednesday, September 2, 2015


All the cousins on the walk from the gardens to the zoo.

Another shot on the walk.

Koala! I think these guys are so cute!

Feeding this little one legged bird.

My niece loves birds and was so excited to get this close to them. 

The lion was playing with the barrel. It was so cute. He later just picked up the whole barrel in his mouth and walked off with it.

The bears were so cool!! This on was digging a whole deep enough he could go all the way inside. 

I totally could have watched the otters all day long. 

My niece really wanted me to get a shot of this guy. 

My nephew really wanted this one.

I really just love jellyfish. I think they're some of the coolest animals ever and they're so beautiful!

Ryanne wanted the starfish. :) 

Feeding goats.

Meerkats are the cutest things ever!!!

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