Sunday, November 22, 2015

Disney Day 7 Animal Kingdom

I loved this place!!

the Tree of Life

This was the first roller coaster Ryanne finally held her hands up for instead of gripping the bar. YAY!!! They also rode this one twice because it was only a 10 minute line. 

 For the Rapids ride we decided to be smart and wear our ponchos. It didn't help so much.

It's a bat!

a tiger


beautiful flowers

This was the dinosaur ride. It was fun!

 Did you know Finding Nemo was a musical? Yeah, me neither. I really liked the way they did this.

close up of some of the animals in the Tree of Life

The bug show was so fun! It was more of a 4D show. 

Paul spent the entire time we were there searching for a hat and he finally found it!

We went on a safari and these are some of the pictures from it. 

ant hill

This was not on the safari. This was rat tunnels. Each of the chambers had a window so we could see what they were doing inside. It was really cool. 

Weaver nests.... aren't they cool. We were watching them build them. 

Hippo skull

Gorilla hand prints

bird show

We had to try the ice cream every one talks about. They really tasted just the same.

The Lion King!

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