Saturday, November 21, 2015

Disney - Day 2 Magic Kingdom

The second day we went back to The Magic Kingdom.
We used a lot of public transportation. In fact, we didn't drive at all except to get to FL and to get back to SC. This was us waiting for the bus to take us to lake. 

This was Collin and me on the boat that took us to The Magic Kingdom.

Winnie the Pooh ride.

This one was cool. I rode with Ryanne. It had a lever that spun our "ship" around in circles so we could shoot the bad guys and it kept score. Unfortunately, Ryanne just enjoyed spinning so our scores were quite low compared to Paul and Collin's. However, she enjoyed the spinning quite a bit. 

The line for the Dumbo ride was interesting. We got little buzzers like what restaurants give you. The kids get to play in the playground and when the buzzer goes off, it's our turn. We used this opportunity to play and then to eat lunch. So, this may have been the longest line we waited in but it didn't feel as long as it was. 

On the Dumbo ride. 

In line for Space Mountain. A REAL roller coaster. Are the kids ready?

After Space Mountain... what do you think? This pretty much describes their reactions to roller coaster. They scare Ryanne but she enjoys them anyways. Collin just laughs hysterically through the whole thing. Space Mountain really scared me with the kids though. It was single sitting so Paul and I couldn't sit by the kids and they requested the front. So, Ryanne was in the front, then Collin, then Paul and me. Also, if you don't know Space Mountain, it's completely dark. So, as I was feeling my butt lift out the seat, all I could think was, 'did Ryanne just slip right out? Is she still there?' So, it was a little stressful. At the end, when there was finally some light, Paul yelled, "If you're alive raise your hands." Both the kids raised their arms in the air. They were fine, but it scared us pretty badly. Paul and I were both stressed with that one. LOL! 

Ryanne driving a race car.

Collin driving a race car.

The orbiter -- we realized it's the same ride as Dumbo. There were quite a few rides that were just like this. We decided to skip all the rest of the similar rides because they were all long lines and just not worth the lines. 

Great pic Paul took of Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse with the Cinderella castle in the background. :) Just loved it so I had to share. 

 This parade was really cool because we got a front row seat and Snow White, Prince Stefan and many others told her "Happy Birthday, Princess" as they walked by. She was just in awe by this. haha!

 Every night at the camp grounds is a marshmallow roast and sing a long with Chip n Dale followed by a movie on the big screen. So fun! The kids loved it!

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