Saturday, November 21, 2015

Disney Day 4 Epcot

This was the day the kids needed to go to their education classes. That was the requirement for us to get the group youth education discount. It was about 40% cheaper than it normally is, too, but we only got the discount if we went to the class. Whoot! I was really worried since Ryanne was sick the day before but she was fine. Ryanne went to Synergy in Science and Collin went to Chemistry 101. Here are the descriptions:
Ryanne's: Experiencing Synergy in Science
"Come to understand how innovators use synergy to drive technological advancements that improve our quality of life. Students will be inspired through attraction experiences that demonstrate synergy and team challenges designed to stretch their imaginations to see what they can combine to generate new systems and tools."
Collin's: Everyday Chemistry 101
"Your group will travel through Futureworld to identify elements of the Periodic Table, study polymers, and see chemical reactions happening all around them. Plus, a visit to Mission: Space will help uncover the relationship between chemistry, space exploration and technology. This program was developed in conjunction with the Education Division of the American Chemical Society."
Paul went with Collin and I went with Ryanne so I have pics of Ryanne and Paul didn't get a lot of pics of Collin. 
Her class actually had 32 students in it but we split up into smaller groups -- 9 students/group. It was nice having smaller groups. I was worried with it being such a large group. Collin's entire group was only about 12 students. They only had to split into two groups. 

Discussion on what synergy is. They were each given a piece and then had to work together to create something. 
 Then we went on a ride! :)
Discussed senses and how they work together. 

We had to figure out a way to draw 3 lines without lifting the marker or allowing the lines to cross. Ryanne and I were the first group to figure it out. Whoop! Go us!

This quote was at the bottom of the image and I thought it was such a great quote that I took a picture of it. 

Then Ryanne had to create something with these Little Bits. 

 Finally, the kids had to complete this puzzle. It's a picture of Mickey made out of little images from different Disney animated movies. In the picture is Ryanne and Kayla. She was a little girl Ryanne and I kept getting grouped with because we were the only two family groups with only one child in the class. The others had 2-3 children in their family group. 

Once Paul and Collin were finished we all met back up and explored the cultural section. This was us in Canada. 

The U.K.

Mary Poppins!!!

We were entering France and Ryanne saw the Eiffel Tower. 

Collin wanted a picture of it too. 

In France was this awesome street performer. Crazy, right? 

We decided to eat lunch in Morocco. Checkout Ryanne's meal. Yeah, she had chicken nuggets and fries while the rest of us had Moroccan foods. Yummy! I can just never remember what the food is called. ;) 

Ryanne has been wanting a henna tattoo for a long time. Finally, she had the opportunity and paid for her own henna tattoo with her own birthday money. It turned out really cute. 



Tall tower in Italy that Collin wanted a picture of.

family selfie!

Germany trains.

Snow White

Sun Stone


This was a cool program about colors. Our shadow was all kinds of colors. I loved this shadow Collin made....

Checkout this painting.... it was on a screen and no real paint. We want one of these at home. I just wish I could afford one. LOL! Mess free painting. ;) 

Completed painting....

After a few rides we got dinner and waited for the fireworks show. Ryanne fell asleep here... under the table. 
 The Epcot Illuminations was AWESOME!!! I took a video and pictures and none of it compares to seeing it in person. Between all the firework shows in Disney World, Epcot's was the BEST one! :D

The giant golf ball looked beautiful at night. I have no idea what it is actually called, but the kids and I referred to it as the golf ball. LOL!

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