Sunday, November 22, 2015

Disney Day 5 Magic Kingdom/Disney Springs

We spent part of this day in Magic Kingdom and then part of it in Disney Springs to see Cirque du Soleil: La Nouba. The pictures will begin in the Magic Kingdom though.

The Swiss Family Robinson's Tree House!! This was exciting to me because I grew up watching this movie over and over and over again because my mom loved it so much. 

Of course, we had to go to the Tiki Room. I mean, I know it's not the BEST show or anything, but it's a classic that we felt our kids needed to see. 

The Jungle Cruise was really funny. The "tour guide" was just full of 'dad jokes' that kept us all chuckling. 

After Splash Mountain we bought the kids suckers. Then we found the stocks and decided this was the perfect punishment. *evil laugh* We also went on the Pirates of the Carribean ride which has changed a lot since my childhood. 

We refused to stand in lines to see people dressed up in a costume so... here's a pic of the kids with a statue of Goofy. ;) LOL!
 Now... to Disney Springs!!!
Greetings from Arendelle. We all became honorary citizens in Hollywood Studios, but that hadn't happened yet on this trip. 

This is made of LEGOS!!!!

So is this...

and this....

and this...

this is too....

Cirque du Soleil: La Nouba!! This is a picture of the preshow. We weren't allowed to take pictures of the actual show. 

We walked around Disney Springs afterwards. Oh! In case you're confused, Disney Springs used to be called Downtown Disney.

We went inside the Lego store and found this... also made of legos.

Nope, not candy... legos!!!!

We went to the Ghirardelli shop, yes, chocolate! and then we went out to the stage where a DJ was playing music for kids. Ryanne danced the entire time while Collin ate their icecream. Paul and I took turns dancing with her but neither of us are dancers. She danced alone up there a lot, too. Fun fun!!! She didn't want to leave but we needed to get back to camp.  

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