Saturday, November 21, 2015

Disney - Day 3 Epcot

This day ended up being a bit rough and didn't go quite as planned. Ryanne complained about her tummy hurting, but she does that a lot and normally just means she has to go to the restroom. So, we went on a gentle boat ride and learned about how humans use the earth.

 Then, Ryanne complained she was ready to go home. This seemed odd to me so I took her to First Aid. The nurse gave her some anti nausea medicine and a bed to sleep. She thought it was dehydration. Ryanne slept for about an hour and woke up saying she felt better so we decided to find the boys. We walked through an area in the cultural section that smelled like fish and she vomited. So, I took her back to camp and made her drink LOTS of water.
 The boys continued to have fun at Epcot without us.

 Mission Space was awesome! Collin and Paul came up with a list of rides Ryanne and I needed to ride on when we returned to Epcot later. Here is a video Paul took of Collin during the ride. LOL!

In this video, Collin is talking about Habit Heroes. It's one he had Ryanne and me do again. It wasn't really a ride but more of a game/adventure...?

Ryanne and I weren't completely without excitement. A bunch of turkeys decided to join us at our campsite. :)
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