Friday, December 26, 2008

Whoo! What a day!

Our Christmas Day started at 5am when Collin woke up ready to open gifts. LOL! Of course I got up w/ him but did not allow him to open gifts until the rest of the family woke up. We made our Christmas tradition breakfast -- butterscotch pull apart bread. Collin had fun helping. Ronni finally woke up at 7am so I let them jump on dad to wake him up. At 7am we were opening presents and eating fatening pull apart bread... yum!

Santa brought them each a lollipop, a bath scrubber thing (lion for Collin and duck for Ronni), animal shaped soaps, peppermint sticks (3), books, orange, and a truck for Collin and a doll for Ronni. These were all their stocking stuffers. The big family gift from Santa was a DVD player for the car. Hopefully this will come in useful for our upcoming 12 hour drive to visit Paul's family. =D

Of course the kids also received gifts from mom and dad. They only receive three gifts from us for the 3 wise men and the gifts are categorized. Precious: they each received a homemade sock monkey. Practical: they each got two outfits and a pair of pjs. Fun: Collin got a drawing thing -- it's markers and the back lights up and makes it glow (below)... I dunno how to describe it. Ronni got a piano (above) .

Collin's favorite gift was the easiest and last minute. One of the books Santa brought was a little boy wanting a star and he had a paper spaceship. Collin decided he wanted one too so Paul used a wrapping paper roll, scotch tape and some paper and made this (below). Silly kid!

After Christmas at home we went to Mimi's house and met my sister and nieces as well. This is where the extreme spoiling took place. Collin got a racetrack, marble run, clothes... oh the list goes on. His Aunt Dee and family got him a toy yellow camero. =D Great grandparents Smith got him a police truck that has all the sounds -- it even plays the song "Bad Boys". hehe Great grandma Nunn got him a dart board (no sharp points -- don't worry ;).

Ronni lucked out over there too. She got blocks, a jungle thing that sings and has balls and all kinds of things (Collin likes this one too), clothes, and lots of other things as well. Aunt Dee and family got her a toy car w/ balls in it that pop around. Great Grandparents Smith got her a bunny that sings and talks to her. Great Grandma Nunn got her a tea set and some little foam books.

Here's Hanna Montana and a Princess... aka... my nieces!! hehe!

And Princess Ronni trying on one of her cousins wigs. hehe

I've had some requests for a pic of the sock monkeys so here they are! Don't look too closely... I'm not very crafty. =D

We had lots of yummy food and family w/ us so it was a great day. Just exhausting... =D

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