Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Collin!

Today he turned THREE!! Oh my goodness --- my children are getting too big.
For breakfast we had pancakes -- he LOVES pancakes and said that was what he wanted.
Later, he and dad worked on a project outside (I'll give more info on another post) while I organized the pantry/food storage area.
Then we went to Ruby Tuesday for dinner and Collin got a free ice cream sundae for his b-day. It was big enough that all four of us ate off of it.
Afterwards we went to an open house for friends visiting from UT.

Collin's b-day presents:
-kid's camera
-gears farm
- Scooby Doo truck
-another gift is pending from Nana and Papa. He'll get it when we go there for Christmas ;)

Yay! Happy B-day Collin!!
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